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Fine Art Third Year Semester One Exhibition (2021)

Show Video:

Press Release/Statement

Physicality Meets Psyche is a group exhibition created by three University of East London students, Cale Austin, Kenny Boulton and Liz Noble in their third year of a BA in Fine Art. Hosted at Islington Arts Factory, N7 0SF between 26th November - 3rd December viewers are invited to explore works created by these three artists. Contact with the artists can be done through or through Instagram @physicalitymeetspsyche .

Each of the artists within this show use various mediums and styles of creating from painting, to textiles, photography and sculpture. The title of the show has been chosen as all three artists' work looks at understanding and expressing the psyche including how their work can or has been interacted with its physical format.. Through the work there is an exploration of emotions, those underlying and on the surface, perceived by the artists and felt by others, as well as looking at how the audience are able to interact with the work.

Cale Austin uses the ideas and lucidity of dreams and the dream like state to create ‘dreamscape’ textured paintings.

Kenny Boulton is an avid printmaker, interested in using non-conventional print materials exploring texture shape and colour. Liz Noble predominantly working in sculpture and repurposes materials to create works which look at the psyche of how she believes traditional roles are perceived.

Work within the show which has been specifically conceptualised for this exhibition to incorporate the artists’ collective thinking. Austin, Boulton and Noble have worked singularly, within this group context to achieve a commonality and find the harmony of where Physicality meets Psyche.

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