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Artist Statement

Kenny Boulton is an East London born Queer identifying artist who uses the traditional techniques of printmaking, textile manipulation and oil pastels to explore the relationship between texture and colour whilst often using a repeat motif.

Using colour and texture Boulton looks to evoke emotions by playing on the scientific relationship between emotion and colour, as a psychological hypothesis on how colours affect moods and memories, similar to Rorschach’s ‘Ink Blot’ works.

An example of Boulton’s use of evoking emotion is in his 2022 oil paint piece titled ‘Overlook’ using a stark green intertwined with highlights of vibrant yellow to create an air of unease within the space. Made as an ironic statement of the viewer being observed by the artwork forcing eye contact, the intention prompted by Boulton’s ADHD where he describes being unable to hold extensive periods of eye contact.

Boulton takes inspiration from works by Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat whilst keeping in mind the more contemporary practices of Marcus Nelson and Nicholas Party, with their use of purposeful marks, compositions and repetition.

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